Air conditioning Repair  Or Maintenance?

Every man-made product has a shelf-life and a working period before which it has to be tuned to resume normal working, and the heating-air conditioning unit is no different. Studies show that an air conditioner loses 5% of its original efficiency annually without regular maintenance. Not only does the efficiency of the air conditioning unit reduce, but also your electricity bill increases because for the same amount of cooling required to be produced, it demands more power. However, much of the lost efficiency can be regained through regular maintenance. Most Lake Havasu air conditioning repairmen claim that an efficiently maintained air conditioning unit always performs at more than 95% of its efficiency, even years after its purchase. It’s also important to air duct clean and repair for occasional removal of the blockages in the air vents of the unit; this ensures clean air.

Apart from saving power, you can save the environment too because air conditioning units contain the refrigerant – Freon, which is a pollutant and depletes the ozone layer. An air conditioning unit which is not maintained properly is definite to have refrigerant leaks which could prove toxic to the environment if it’s not curbed at the initial stage. If you sense an unusual smell, it’s better to contact your us immediately to notify possible refrigerant leak. The central heat pump failure is another important safety threat, and a AAA Affordable AC heat pump repair mechanic can help with it.

If you’re thinking about the cost associated with the servicing and repair of the air conditioning unit, weighing it against the extra units of power it consumes every time it’s switched on makes you realize that the investment in servicing is completely worth it. Most air conditioning firms give an annual repair and maintenance plan at a slightly extra cost so that you’ll be reminded of the next due service; they also have tie-ups with the Lake Havasu air conditioning repair firms for annual maintenance services. These firms also respond to AAA Affordable AC emergency air conditioning repair.

What Does AC Service Plan Entail?

A good service plan should include heat pump repair, air duct cleaning, and furnace repair.  Oiling the system, cleaning the dust in the system, and occasional rewiring, if required, are the other services we provide.

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