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Every air conditioning unit has a working period before which it has to be tuned up to resume normal working. Studies show that an air conditioner loses 5 % of its original efficiency annually without regular maintenance. However, not only does the efficiency of the A/C unit reduce, your electric bill also increases. Because of the same amount of cooling required to be produced the system demands more power.

With regular maintenance much of the lost efficiency can be regained. Most Lake Havasu City A/C repairmen claim that an efficiently maintained A/C unit always performs at more than 95% of its efficiency even years after its purchase.

Apart from saving power you can save the environment too. Older A/C systems contain the refrigerant R22. R22 is a pollutant that depletes the ozone layer. An air conditioning unit that is not properly maintained is definite to have refrigerant leaks which could prove toxic to the environment if it is not curbed at the initial stage. At AAA Affordable AC we are here to help you insure the quality of your AC unit as well as the environment.

If you are thinking about the cost associated with servicing and repair of your A/C unit, weigh it against the extra units of power it consumes every time you switch it on. This alone makes you realize that the investment in servicing is completely worth it.

So why not check out our annual maintenance and repair plans designed to fit your needs.

What does AAA Affordable AC’s maintenance plan entail?

A good maintenance plan should include checking the following: motors amperage, all run capacitors, all wire connections, temperature splits, contractors for ware, inspection of all piping and coils for any leaks, compressor operation, oiling the system if needed, as well as cleaning out the control panel, checking the coils for air blockage, and making sure that the drain pipe is draining properly.



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